Eurojuris International

Eurojuris was formed in the late 1980s with the objective of providing clients with access to legal advice and representation from local lawyers throughout Europe and worldwide.


Eurojuris is now the leading network of law firms in Europe and worldwide with over 600 member firms and approximately 6000 lawyers. In addition Eurojuris can, through its correspondent firms, provide access to local firms in many other countries throughout the world. Members and correspondents are always well established medium sized independent law firms satisfying the Eurojuris criteria.


Eurojuris aims to provide more than just a reliable directory of legal firms. A permanent headquarters with full time staff to manage the organisation was created in 1993 and its responsibilities include co-ordinating numerous national activities, publishing brochures, newsletters and guides, organising meetings and congresses, promoting specialist groups and setting up an organisation to provide cohesion among different legal systems and business cultures.


The Eurojuris commitment to quality is paramount and is maintained by ensuring that management procedures and work methods are tailored to match the client needs and are dynamic and open to constant improvement. It is also essential that all Eurojuris International members understand and implement approved work methods and that regular internal and external control procedures are reviewed on a systematic basis.