Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers, demergers, acquisitions and reorganisations can be difficult, prolonged and complicated at the best of times. Add the complexity of international negotiations and it can only make things worse. These negotiations call for a professional and coordinated approach. Your Eurojuris IBG team can bring cross-border expertise to the negotiating table and will seek solutions not problems by approaching things in a pragmatic way. This provides you with the best chance of achieving your business goals in the allotted timescale.


Procedures in such transactions are remarkably similar throughout Europe and sometimes overseas, but it is essential to comply with the requirements of each local jurisdiction and where a company has interests in a number of different locations it is essential to ensure that the "Due Diligence" process is properly followed in each jurisdiction.


The close relationship of the members of Eurojuris IBG will ensure that the client's requirements are fulfilled with maximum efficiency.